TF card is an abbreviation of the trash flash card and it was introduced by SanDisk Company in the year of 2004. You might use it in certain devices such as PDA, iPod, smartphone and digital camera. As everyone knows Micro SD and TF card is a memory card and it has the same dimensions and specifications. Both microSD and tf card might support storage capacity of 256 MB, 512 MB, 1GB, 16GB, and 32 GB. The memory card is also called as T-flash, MicroSD, TransFlash, TF, and microSDHC.

To know about difference between tf card and micro SD card

Once you know about tf card vs microSD then you can know about its features and specifications. MicroSD card stands for the secure digital card and it is the flash drive which could be removable. It is available in three different sizes like mini, standard and micro sd.

The storage capacity of the microSD and tf card is the same. The secure digital card is launched in the year 1999 and it is having the capability to store encrypted music data. The best SD card might come with huge numbers of the features like card security and command to disable write.

It could be used for its micro secure digital cards that are considered as the smallest memory card. In a modern world most of the people are having question about is a tv card the same as a micro SD card then it has small difference. It comes with useful numbers of the features like

  • It can support 64 GB which microSD card does not
  • MicroSD card might perform non memory jobs like bluetooth, gps and near field communication. But transflash might not do such non memory jobs
  • Volume of the sd card is comparatively more than the tf card
  • There is switch on the security segment in the sd card whereas no such feature could be found in transflash

Everything to know about microSD and tf card

micro SD card

Now a day smartphone is not only used for communication but also it is effective to store lots of things such as videos, photos and important documents. First and foremost you must difference between tf card and SD card which is really beneficial to you.

TF card might go up to around 128GB whereas SD card might go up to 2TB. Micro SD card could be upgraded memory which is based on the semiconductor flash memory device. TF card might not support SDIO mode which is supported by the micro SD card.


However, SD card might support SDIO mode so it might be used as the non-memory storage in many electronic gadgets like near field communication, Bluetooth and on GPS device. It is providing you access to the transfer into the SD card by using card sleeve.

TF card technology for security might not advance as that of SD card. There is some slight difference between both techniques. You can get information in online which are useful to know about the difference between tf card and microSD card.