In today’s modern world, the smartphone is an excellent device and we can utilize many apps, even we can play games and also used for watching movies. The only obstacle is that their screens are quite small. This means that if you need it larger, you should connect it to the TV or simply use a projector. The smart option is to choose a small projector for home use. Take a time to check Epson 2150 review, because it is one of the perfect fit.

shoebox projector

Over the years, the projectors for phones have been widely available in the market and many of the decent ones are very cheap. In these days, many of us are most familiar with one of the popular projectors is simply a phone shoebox projector with a magnifying glass. Within this projector, there is a little hold up to carry your phone that you may possibly be able to adjust it to spotlight.

Build a smartphone projector with a shoebox

When it comes to building a shoebox projector for your smartphone, first of all, you should know about everything from upside down to back-to-front. Initially, you have to fix the upside-down problem by just locking the orientation of your phone but still does not able to solve the backward text problem. Some of the fundamental essential parts to make this cell phone movie theater box are including:

shoebox cell phone projector

  • 4 drinking straws
  • A small mirror
  • Some thin card
  • Some thick card
  • Some thin dowels
  • Magnifying glass lens

So what you have to do?

  • First, a hole is made with a box at the front for the lens and places the drinking straw at each corner inside
  • Now, allocate some thin dowels to be pushed at the base of every drinking straw via tiny holes in a box. It becomes a leg of projector that it stands
  • Next, a mirror is glued and placed at 45 degrees to lens
  • Then, take a thick piece of card and allow going on the top of these dowels. Also, cut a rectangular hole on top to place your phone
  • Here, be careful with your exact size. If you need it big enough, your screen is shown as much as possible
  • Now, the entire thing works efficiently. Here, the phone’s screen is not only project light down towards the mirror, but also off to the sides
  • With all things assembled properly like the lens in place and your phone on the top, it is a case of locating it and simply focusing it on your wall
  • At last, the best projector for home theater, which was made by your own, is ready to watch out with maximum brightness as possible

Buying guide for home theater projectorDIY movie theater box

Whether you need to stay on the larger screen as possible, you must take your projector and decide how to use this device properly. With a perfect assembly of shoebox cell phone projector, you are able to watch movies as well as your favorite television shows. This kind of screenplay projector would definitely keep you up the utmost home entertainment and also operates well for using at home more effectively.

Thus, the home theater projector always offers you immerse viewing experience by projecting the widescreen video and HD directly on a special screen or a wall.

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