If you are willing to buy a new mouse then you must concern about polling rate and dpi which is beneficial for gamers, designers, and artists. DPI characteristic is widely used in home theaters projector, so if you decide to build your own projector, you have to consider this parameter. Dots per inch (DPI) is the index which is mostly used to express the relation between the move distance of your mouse and cursor. It might be calculated as the distance that pointer moves – distance which mouse moves. Mouse with the higher DPI setting reacts and detects to the smaller movements. Higher dpi rates might work well for users which are having high or larger resolution monitors.

Effective ways to check mouse dpi

Dpi of the mouse might determine its sensitivity and more sensitive mouse is the best choice for gaming. If you are willing for checking mouse dpi then you must follow some tips such as

Before you plan to choose mouse, you must do dpi mouse test which is really beneficial to you. In fact dpi is completely different from typical mouse sensitivity setting. It is the marketing ploy for gaming mouse.

In case you are interested to play first person shooter game then you must choose the best mouse with the best dpi.

First person shooter game is always required low dpi and you can check dpi online. Low dpi games are using a huge mouse pad and it is as wide as the full sized keyboard. It is the measurement of how sensitive mouse is. High dpi mouse could be paired with the low sensitivity setting. If you are having higher resolution monitor then you can choose a high dpi mouse which is really beneficial to you.

If you are looking for the best ways to test mouse dpi then you can use dpi analyzer. Suppose you are not using this tool then you might struggle a lot because it is one of the best ways to test dpi. In case your mouse is not with the fixed dpi then you might check the keyboard center or software which might come with your product in order to decide current dpi setting.

If you are having windows 8 then you can access via keyboard center and Microsoft mouse for changing your dpi settings. In order to figure out a dpi, you can use dpi analyzer. For another mouse which is having an external button, you might allow choosing dpi manually.

dpi mouse test

Interesting tips to check mouse dpi

Dpi is expressed as the dots per linear inch and by chancing dpi, you might adjust pointer speed instantly for precision tasks like photo editing or in game targeting.

Some of the mouse models are having a dedicated button which is helpful to adjust your mouse sensitivity. Suppose your mouse is having on the fly buttons then you can press one of the dpi on the fly buttons that is beneficial to make new settings to each DPI button.

If you are searching in online then you can easily know about how effectively change the dpi in the best way.