Since the development of microprocessors, there are several enthusiasts have successfully built their own computer based on their needs. With the plenty of specialist computer components readily available, getting laptop parts are very simple with a few exceptions or limitations. This is why there are a lot of specialists who are able to build a laptop and other modern gadgets easily.

In general, the custom building laptops have become a virtual art type in the world of PC gaming. But, there is a considerable difference between building a laptop and building a PC. The greater part of PC’s is highly made-up from the standard range of exchangeable components. Even most of the top brand name companies will build the laptop computers from the fashionable parts. Surely, there is a specific degree of equivalence and also be sure to some system elements that do stay importantly standard.

build your own laptop

Basically, there are several possible ways available for building a laptop successfully. But, one of the simplest ways is to just opt for a laptop kit that includes all the parts you want.

Of course, this is an excellent way for newbies to obtain some hands-on knowledge. With this kit, anyone can easily build a laptop, because it is only a simple matter of assembling the parts.

Each and every aspect of designing and planning has been thought by the vendor that means any problems of compatibility are normally removed.

Build your own laptop from scratch

Before you build your own laptop, you will need a list of parts, an operating system to install, a safe environment to work in and also need some tools to put your system together. Some of the tools required are given below:

  • Tweezers
  • Static free wrist band
  • Magnifying glass
  • Needle nose pliers
  • A clean static free, well lit work area
  • Flashlight or flexible desk lamp
  • 4 foot folding table or 2 feet x 4 feet table top space
  • Screw driver

When you are planning to build a laptop from scratch, the bare bones kit is one of the greatest ways to go. You do not have to worry about the parts being compatible, because the vendor has already taken care of that. All you need to do is to simply purchase a bare bone kit in many cases and then saves your money. Here are the simple steps to build the laptop computer that include:

  • Determining the parts
  • Decide what the main purpose of building laptop
  • Select the processor to meet your laptop’s needs
  • Select your notebook shell
  • Buy memory
  • Choose a hard drive
  • Decide if you want a graphics card
  • Find an optical drive
  • Select a battery
  • Get the tools
  • Turn over the shell and remove panel
  • Mount the hard drive in a bracket
  • Install the optical drive
  • Install your memory
  • Install the CPU
  • Install the cooling fan
  • Close your panels
  • Setting it up
  • Check your memory
  • Install OS
  • Install drivers


Building a laptop has numerous benefits that help you save more money. Now, you have a lot of options to build laptop from the barebones kit. So, you have a choice of using all the new components.